(For Tankless WH applications)


Hydronic Air Handler with Pump for Tankless Water Heater Applications

Cooling or HEat Pump / HW Heat

1.5-4 Tons

Up to 82,500 BTUH Heating

The HCXR(X) air handler is designed for use with today’s high efficiency split-system condensing units and heat pumps. All HCXR(X) air handlers include a standard ECM motor. These motors offer the efficiency of variable speed type ECM motors, but at a considerably lower cost.

The HCXR(X) is a “Combo” air handler that converts a properly sized Tankless Water heater into a highly efficient space heating appliance that can heat your home in addition to providing domestic hot water. Compared to other heating systems, the HCXR(X) offers greater installation flexibility, costs less to install, and is less complicated and easier to service.

1. BTUH (heat) is calculated at 140° EWT.
2. Freeze protector (field installed) – turns pump or valve on when heating coil temperature drops below 38 degrees. Order part #941-1