12,000 to 30,000 Btuh cooling capacity
Up to 13.0 SEER
Slide out cooling chassis for ease of service
Easy access or removal of electric heaters
Pre-wired and pre-charged from factory

High efficiency scroll and rotary compressors
Easily accessible refrigeration service ports with an area for temperature probes
Factory installed condensate float switch
13 SEER Efficiency for 12k,18k and 24k models, 12.5 SEER on 9k and 12 SEER 30k models
Architectural louvers available
Larger air coil with low face velocity for improved cooling performance
High efficiency ECM indoor blower with multiple speed taps for precise airflow selection
High efficiency ECM condenser fan motor to improve system efficiency
Insulation inside of cooling compartment to improve cooling performance and reduce noise
Dual inlet indoor blower to lower fan rpm’s, improve efficiency and reduce noise
Double isolated compressor mount to lower compressor noise and vibration
Blower collar locking mechanism to improve seal between cooling chassis and cabinet

Available in 4 sizes 5kw , 7kw, 10kw,`and 15kw (in some models).
929-10 – First-Pak wall sleeve
Architectural louvered grill in Anodize aluminum or Custom color paint (min. 25 for custom)