Space Constrained Heat Pump
with Electric Heating and fully integrated ERV (EPE)
1.0 – 2.5 tons
3 to 10 kW Electric Heat
11.9 SEER2 & 6.3 HSPF2

• Shipped ready for top supply and front return (with optional ducted return)
• Insulated compartment to improve cooling performance, reduce noise, and prevent sweating
• ECM indoor blower & outdoor fan motor to provide precise airflow selection and improve system efficiency
• High-efficiency single stage scroll and rotary compressors with double isolated compressor mount to lower
compressor noise and vibration
• Larger evaporator coil with low face velocity for improved cooling performance
• Drain pan with corrosion resistant coating to drain condensate in cooling and heating operations
• Thermal expansion valve (TXV) for both cooling and heating to optimize performance
• Operates down to as low as 5°F ambient temperature with time-temperature defrost board with selectable
defrost interval times
• High and low pressure switch protection
• Electric heat with automatic reset limit switch and non-resettable fuse link
• Filter brackets and disposable filter shipped with unit for field installation; no tool needed to replace filter
• Multi-function microprocessor control board

• Interior Access Panels – Louvered or Solid
• ERV Sensors – Humidity or Carbon Dioxide (field provided)
• ERV Exhaust Controls – Analog Egg Timer or Digital Timer Switch (field provided)